About Single Record Coding


NIOCCS returns possible:

  • 2017 North American Industry Classification System (NAICS),
  • 2018 Standard Occupation Classification (SOC) codes, and
  • Maps to the 2018 CDC Census industry and occupation codes.

About Single Record Coding

Look up one industry or occupation code by typing a narrative in the search box.

Score indicates how confident NIOCCS is that the codes are correct for the occupation or industry description entered. The closer the score is to 1.0, the more confident the system is in the assigned codes.

Understanding the codes

  1. Click on the underlined Census industry or occupation codes to see a list of all NIOCCS titles that are assigned the same Census code.
  2. Click the underlined NAICS code to see the NAICS definition for that code.
  3. Click the underlined SOC code to see the SOC definition for that code.

Image of single record coding screen in NIOCCS


About Single Record Crosswalk

Crosswalking is the mapping of a code from

  1. one industry and occupation classification system to another, or
  2. to a different code within the same industry and occupation classification system for a different year.

Classification systems are updated regularly, so crosswalk files help link data across classification systems to enable analysis. Learn more about crosswalking or reclassifying; see section: "Things to Consider When Using Denominator Data from an External Source."

NIOCCS can crosswalk for you.

You can crosswalk:

  1. Single industry code (Census code or NAICS)
  2. Single occupation code (Census code or SOC)
  3. Both industry and occupation

Using the "scheme" drop down, choose your coding scheme you want to use.

Image of single record crosswalk target coding schemes in NIOCCS

Please Note:

  • Census 1990 industry and occupation codes must be crosswalked to Census 2000 first before crosswalking to later Census schemes.
  • Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) 1987 codes must be crosswalked to NAICS 1997 first before crosswalking to later NAICS schemes.
  • All other schemes can be crosswalked over several coding scheme years in one step.

Image of single record crosswalk screen in NIOCCS

Page last reviewed: December 13, 2022